Father's Day? L'ARIN! Because men care about their hair too

The average woman may be a little more concerned with her hair than a man, though. All too often, hair products appear to run out suspiciously quickly and then it turns out to be the secret heavy user. If you are still looking for a nice gift for Father's Day, we have something nice in store at L'ARIN. We also have large size 'pumps' of 500ml, perfectly tailored to the man who likes to use a large dose. It's something different than handkerchiefs or a scarf!

Two great Father's Day gifts

With the Softening. Strengthening. Vitalizing. Conditioner is not just a nice gift. The combination of sage, rosemary and palmarosa also gives the hair an immediate boost. Bye bye dull hair. Your dad can use it every day of the week, so you don't even need to read the leaflet. The color becomes more intense and the hair breaks less quickly: you can bet that your father will shine, just like his hair.

The perfect addition? The The Essential Treat Me Hair serum. A guarantee of shiny hair, easy to comb and style. This serum nourishes and hydrates and does not stick to the hands. This way, your father has no reason not to apply it, because the serum is immediately absorbed by the hair and skin.

The difference between men's and women's hair?

Is there really a difference between men's and women's hair? Well, the differences are usually a myth and with the right, natural products, both men's and women's hair can be treated. There may be no difference in terms of hair, but women often use a hair straightener or a color, which may mean that a different approach is necessary. Men, on the other hand, suffer from dandruff, oily hair and hair loss slightly more often. Moreover, men's hair cannot grow as long as women's hair and women's hair is usually slightly finer, but there are not much bigger differences. Research shows that women's hair is stronger than men's and has more 'pulling power'. Finally, we would also like to point out that men have on average more hair than women. L'ARIN products meet the needs of men's hair and provide them with perfect care.

There is a difference when it comes to the scalp, which has to do with hormones. Men's skin is about 20% thicker due to the presence of testosterone. In addition, this hormone also ensures that more sebum is produced, which makes men's skin a lot oilier and makes them more likely to develop pimples and blackheads. The composition of L'ARIN is gender neutral and therefore perfect for the men's home. Side effects don't stand a chance!

Grab your Father's Day gift quickly

No gift yet? Take a quick look at the webshop. L'ARIN natural hair products are delivered quickly. If you would like more advice about our products and double-check whether they are suitable for your father's hair, please let us know.

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