Do you also suffer from hairdresser's eczema?

Are you active as a hairdresser or do you know a hairdresser who suffers from hairdresser's eczema? Difficult, because this ailment can be quite irritating and who likes to walk around with bright red hands? Do you want to prevent hairdresser's eczema or do you want to please your favorite hairdresser? Choose the natural products from L'ARIN or let your hairdresser try them. Eczema doesn't stand a chance. We bet your hair is now completely pampered?

Today there are already some natural hairdressers or hairdressers who work with natural products, but it is a minority. Many hairdressers still use chemical products that can lead to hairdresser's dermatitis.

What exactly is hairdresser's eczema?

Well, this term cannot be captured under one denominator. They are different skin abnormalities. In any case, it happens a lot. About 40% of professional hairdressers suffer from it. In extreme cases you even have to stay home with it. Worse still: many talented hairdressers drop out because of hairdresser's eczema.

How do you recognize it? It can be limited to small red bumps on the tips of the fingers, but the entire body can also be affected. Redness, swelling, flaking, wounds, ... it's all possible. Even breathing problems can result. What chemical products can't do to you... Latex is also often a culprit.

Prevention is better than cure

Are you a hairdresser or do you want to do your hairdresser a service? Try L'Arin natural shampoo or take a can with you to your hairdresser. The natural ingredients are harmless, making hairdresser's eczema much less common. Moreover, more and more people swear by natural products and you are surfing a real trend. Talk about a win-win.

Want to get started with natural hair products yourself?

Do you want to work with L'Arin as a hairdresser or do you know a hairdresser who would benefit from our products? Let us know via email , Facebook or Instagram . We are happy to have a conversation and have our products tested.

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