Green Friday vs. Black Friday

Green Friday

Green Friday is just around the corner! Green what? Well, our counterpart to Black Friday. Why consume en masse and wave discounts if this is to the detriment of the world? No, we do not participate in that at L'ARIN. It is not without reason that we choose organic, honest, luxurious cosmetic products. Moreover, we also strongly believe in conscious and local consumption. This way we can all reduce that gigantic ecological footprint.

How do we support Green Friday? By sharing all our favorite, sustainable addresses with you. 8 gems where shopping is wonderful and responsible, just like with us :-)

Take a look through our 8 favorite addresses for beauty, fashion, food and more and support some of our colleagues. Of course, you already know where you can go for your natural hair care products. Have Fun!

Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift? Then don't just shop green, but also locally at 'A better blend'. Sustainable products from L'ARIN also show off on their virtual shelves, but there is much more! Are you already itching to go shopping or do you still need to get inspired? Then be sure to take a look at their digital Christmas Pop-up!

Bathroom - where routine becomes a ritual

The chemistry between us... Chemicals seem inevitable, but they are not. Don't be fooled by greenwashing! That's when brands claim that their product is natural, while that is only true to a small percentage. Nowadays, more and more companies are emerging that specialize in ethical and organic cosmetics.

Did you ask for shiny locks and radiant skin in your letter to Sinterklaas or Santa Claus this year? Then give him a hint and put this Detox Box on the wishlist!

A low waste lifestyle seems to be a challenge in our society. Fortunately, the range of low-waste stores is constantly expanding. There you can find useful reusable items made from, for example, bamboo material to prevent environmental pollution. Such as this reusable razor blade from Clothilde . It is not only beautiful, but it also provides a luxurious look in your bathroom. Make your bathroom selfie-proof with the fun accessories and premium natural products from Bio'ty Lab.

Ethical Fashion
Can sustainable and ethical fashion also be luxurious? Our answer is 'Oh yes! Do you like vintage? Then the sustainable fashion brand CE la vie is perfect for you! Our favorite? The white shirt with vintage Coco Chanel fabric!

Also check out other slow fashion brands such as Furore Fashion . These garments are timeless, can be combined endlessly and are durable. We are big fans!

Say NO to GMO ! This is the process by which micro-organisms in food, for example, are genetically modified. In short, not natural and organic processes, but artificial ones. We want to take the best possible care of our bodies, so we always look for organic labels, buy seasonally from our favorite farmers and try to grow what we can ourselves. Handy to always have a collection of garden herbs at hand! Support local farmers and shop for fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy at Boeren & Buren .

Large chains are also offering more and more alternatives to, for example, dispose of unnecessary packaging. You can easily get started yourself by first consciously looking at your consumption behavior. Do you still encounter a lot of waste in the kitchen? Composting is a possible solution. At ecossentials you will find a super cute compost bin. A real gadget!

Or why not make a meal plan, so that you only buy and use what you really need every week? Are you too busy? Then take a look at Too Good To Go , so that unnecessary food still ends up in the right place.

Do you want less paper? You can request an electronic proof of payment or customer card in various places. It is also best to use cloth napkins and tea towels instead of kitchen roll and there are various alternatives to prevent waste.

We are convinced that every little bit helps!

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